Owners, Ken & Steffany Shelton, bring a fresh perspective to the jewelry business in Little Rock. Steffany’s extensive background in the fashion business along with Ken’s knowledge and experience in the high end luxury jewelry business make them uniquely able to identify jewelry trends and insure quality standards of designers.

The jewelry industry is filled with sameness. If you walk into most jewelry stores, you see pretty much the same thing. While they aren’t looking to reinvent the jewelry business, Kenneth Edwards is hoping to offer a different perspective on what most people might have encountered when visiting a jewelry store.

They think of themselves as different from the rest, one you might find in a resort community where the average shopper would be a regular jewelry buyer less interested in a piece they have seen on everyone else. This shopper is looking for something that expresses their individuality and style. Because Kenneth Edwards has that sophisticated customer in Little Rock, not only do they desire something fresh and unique, they demand that it be of highest quality with enduring style.




Kenneth Edwards fine jewelers has been recognized nationally as a Top 50 Designer Jeweler multiple times and is proud to have never sold the typical slide bracelet, omega chain or Journey pendant (well, they did special order one for someone once). What they have sold are hundreds of one-of-a-kind and award winning designs from many of the top designers in the country. Their pieces are unique heirloom quality items. Customers consistently tell them that their bridal is more beautiful and far less ordinary than other places they have shopped. Even watch selections are unique to the store and most are exclusive in the state or several surrounding states.


Convenient Location


Offering a unique jewelry shopping experience original to Little Rock is the goal of Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers. Our store locaion at The Promenade is beautiful and full of natural light. It feels very upscale, but you won’t find a sales associate (or owner) in a suit and tie. Their casual atmosphere is relaxing. Customers get a sense of what a jewelry item is going to look and feel like as part of their everyday life in this setting.